Travel Clothing For Two Countries

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For two countries? Well, why not? Why limit yourself? COVID or no COVID, it’s still a good time to go get ready for traveling. But if it is not yet possible for you to go across the border, there’s still plenty enough for you to see in your own country. Its big enough for that. There’s a world waiting for you right within the borders of your own country. But cross the border and you’re into Canada. It’s big. And travel a little further.

And you’re into Alaska. It’s big. Biggest state in the country. Seen enough of your own continent? Go back to Canada. Go to someplace else where nobody else has been. It is an interesting world. But where exactly to go? No matter, just be a little more adventurous and start trekking. But be prepared, of course. Let’s starting with the clothing. Clothing for Alaska. And patagonia clothing for whichever other state or province you choose to visit.

Both countries? And will there be goods stores like Beaver Sports in both? Let’s see. Either way, you still need to be fully prepared, because no matter where out in the wilds you’re going to be – in your country, up north, down south, east, west – it could still get pretty cold at night. It might be a good summer and the temperatures may well be soaring during the day, but come night-time, it’s going to be freezing cold. Even if it’s not close to below zero.

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Because perhaps it is still true. Many of you who have never come this far, doing all this adventure stuff for the very first time, may still be a little too used to your air conditioners and central heating systems. And that’s still on a normal day. Boots, thermal wear…